World Class Wellbeing and Yoga in the heart of North East England



Jambo Yoga is here to connect your yoga practise to your wellbeing goals...  

Our practise will connect you to body, mind and spirit helping you to...

Jambo and Anna·      Get fitter

·      Play more

·      Be stronger

·      Have more energy for you and your family

·      Lose weight the healthy way

·      Relax and breathe

·      Have fun and socialise

·      We are also experts in nutrition and injury prehab and rehab

For well over a decade, Master Yoga Teacher Jambo Truong, trained with some of the world’s highly acclaimed practitioners of yoga, classical easy asian medicine and shamanic studies.

.  He slowly demystified the World of Yoga so you don't have to!

Forrest Yoga LogoIt was in Houstan, Texas, in 2011,  that Jambo eventually found what he was looking for... Forrest Yoga.  - an inteligent sequencing of Yoga that he had not seen before.  It preserved all of the ancient, and time-tested benefits of traditional yoga, whilst updating it for the hectic Western lifestyles.  The result are Classes which are more suitable to the stressors of modern day Western body and minds.

Jambo supplemented his learning with Ayurveda and holds a BSc(Hons) Integrated Health: Complementary Medicine degree. His yoga teaching emphasises functional anatomy, practitioner/teacher development and yoga therapy for trauma, chronic pain and addiction.