August Challenge; Arrow Lunge

August Challenge; Arrow Lunge

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Arrow Lunge:

Arrow lunge is an important pose in my practice- and as my students will tell you, my absolute favourite! In terms of the physical practice, I love arrow lunge for the amazing things it does for my hips. I've found that the more you tuck your tail bone and sink deeply into the pose, the more it becomes about the delicious opening in your front hip flexor (and less about the muscular struggle!). If you allow the pose to carry you forward, the physical benefits are infinite.

The physical wonders of arrow lunge are the foundation for the incredible emotional release that comes with it. Arrow lunge has a particularly special place in my heart because last year, after I'd broken my spine and was stuck in a very restrictive back brace for 13 weeks, it was virtually the only pose I could do! But its emotional benefits run so much deeper than that- remember that the trick to is to sink deep and let go? So often we are confronted with difficult, intense poses (on and off the mat!) that, if we would just stop struggling against them and surrender to what they want to give us, we would find its sweetness.

Our intent this month is to love well. So much of what we think we understand about love is tied up in struggle, and it limits our capacity to really surrender ourselves to love. It's true that loving each other and especially loving ourselves isn't always easy- but if we surrendered to the moments of intensity as they arose, if we savoured the sensation of letting go, how much sweeter would life be, and how much more fully could we love?

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