Awaken the Warrior

Awaken the Warrior

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By Conrad


To 'Awaken the Warrior' is to make a choice to embody the strengths of the Warrior archetype. A Warrior is not a soldier but a strategist, a combination of brains and brawn. For me the Warrior is one who uses their knowledge to do what makes the most impact with as little difficulty as possible - an arrow in place of an army. Every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is a movement towards better - towards being skilled, towards being healthier, towards being happier. The Warrior is a destructive force, but one that creates space for new growth. Old habits can die to make way for better ones. The Warrior is decisive and disciplined, adaptable to every situation and clear in how to work towards success. Every action by the Warrior is purposeful, mindful of the consequences.


This month choose how to make this intent work for you:

You have an unlimited reserve of personal power and intelligence - tap into that. Rather than making it through the day make a choice to win one personal battle for every day this month. Whether it's staying in Arrow Lunge for one extra breath, one more healthy choice at lunch, signing up to a new class to learn a skill or quitting your job. To help ensure you make the best decisions take a moment to breathe deeply to help you connect to your wiser self, before you make the choices that affect you.


What are your Goals?

List each aspect of your life (yoga, family, relationships, work, etc) and what it is you want from it. What needs to change? We have a limited time on this earth- Is that a surprise to you? What do you want to achieve? What would you like to see change in this world? What do you want - but also Why do you want it? Is what you want dictated by you or those around you? The only person that can fight for your happiness is you. Empower yourself and take control.


Think before you fight: Choose your battles wisely

The Warrior archetype is typified by Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Courage and War (including military strategy and generalship) - as opposed to Ares, Greek God of the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war. Rather than go full on berserker with every aspect of your life, find the things that are most relevant to you being happier. In your practice do you lose your breath? Make it a goal to have one fantastic breath at the beginning of each pose. Next week, see if you can make it two. Don't set yourself up for failure by taking on huge challenges that will  overwhelm you, choose to take as much of a challenge as you think you can handle and when you win that battle, pick your next! And if you lose a battle - pick yourself up, take it as a lesson, return wiser and stronger than you were before.


"Choosing Healing is the Ultimate Warrior Action" - Ana T Forrest

Cancer is a wake up call. When I was going through treatment for Cancer I realise that every moment I made choices that affected my mental and physical health; whether I could choke down some much needed food, no matter how sick I felt, to whether I could get out of the house to at least walk in the sunshine. I had received a very heavy hint that my health was not something guaranteed, and that I had to make a choice to be healthy, rather than expect everything to continue as it was. Now I have my practice, and my calling as a Forrest Yoga teacher- it hasn't been easy but I know it's better than the alternative. Whether I'd be here if I didn't make the choices I did, I don't know; but I am happier and more purposeful in my life now than I was before, and to me that's better.


Namaste and have a great month! 

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