Breakthroughs at Jambo Yoga...

Breakthroughs at Jambo Yoga...

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Assistant Dan ‘Wolverine’ reflects on the last month’s mantra of focus #Healing is Revealing

A Mantra; sacred utterance or a group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power.


Healing is Revealing – By Dan ‘Wolverine’


At the end of 30 days of focus on my mantra, I wanted to share some words with the Jambo Yoga community … hope you enjoy…


Word often comes after thought and I know all to well the power that words can command and the damage that they can inflict when spoken maliciously. I also know that the reverse is true. Words, when spoken peacefully and from a place of love can have a transforming effect on a person's life. Many times have I sat listening to one of my spiritual teacher's (who come in many forms) and I have burst into tears because their words have touched me deeply, sending positive vibrations through my heart.


The month of May (2014) I heard the utterance of two of my personal mantras throughout the JamboYoga classes. A month where healing has been so revealing personally, that there have been times when I have wanted to go back into isolation and not take care of my responsibilities; only to find myself living by my other mantra in the spotlight 'be committed to change.'


The change's experienced on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, I liken to a ball of string neatly wound up, that has suddenly come undone and unwound way past the end of its string, into the unknown. Three and a half years of yoga practice, I feel like a novice; at times I feel like body has never stretched and that mind has never known what a positive dialog sounds like. But forwards I go, occasionally looking back to see why it is that I am journeying in the direction I am heading.


Breakdowns and breakthroughs have been even more apparent during this month. As the rain beats down on the window of my bedroom, where I sit to write, I am reminded of tears shed during and after workshops and classes, hands reaching out to offer help and arm's of support wrapped around. What a time to be new to class. There have been many new faces welcomed home, like wandering tribes people who set off long ago to find their place of belonging. 


All of a sudden… people are getting into poses they have struggled many years with (myself included). One Tuesday night in particular, teaching assistant, Hazel, went up into wheel unassisted; back bends being her nemesis, she let everyone know that she was happy with a cheer of delight. And in true Jambo Yoga style, the classroom responded with cheers and applause. Moments later, inspired by one of my Instagram buddies, I dropped back into wheel, unassisted, for the first time. I couldn't help but smile as Celia (teaching staff), guided me back up. This is the type of thing you can expect to experience on a regular basis in a Jambo Yoga class; loving support. In every class that I assisted in, I was witness to the ever evolving yoga community; however subtle the change, I let people know that I am seeing it. After all it is inspiring to me to see so many people grow and shine to their fullest potential.


Students are also beginning to recognise their own healing gifts, their ability to see beyond the physical, that its not an elitist thing, that all that is needed is some gentle encouragement and a whole load of belief in yourself (reiki healing workshop).  


Overall, at times it has been overwhelming. At times I have had to switch off completely (no electricals) or do for myself what I so willing do for others (show love to I) and not forget I. The process of revealing and being committed to healing whatever may come up, needs patience and tolerance, as people can get a little cranky and may momentarily need a target to express themselves to. Being able to support someone is beautiful, being supported a grateful experience and as time goes on, I find that my heart opens that little bit more to the world and that I accept warts and all, that which is I.





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