Brian Campbell on teaching in Newcastle

Brian Campbell on teaching in Newcastle

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Brian Campbell will be returning to Newcastle on 25th-27th October 2014. Here he tells us more about why he is excited to be teaching in Newcastle again....

I LOVE TEACHING IN NEWCASTLE! Something about the people and community there makes “circulating energy” very easy. I will describe this.

As a teacher, I am excited to share all the wisdom garnered from my own teachers and from my own accumulated experience. This community in Newcastle is so open to each other, receptive, and willing to learn that it makes sharing these teachings very easy. Their receptiveness opens me up to teach from a deeper level of my own truth and experience, which in turn, starts to open up participants at deeper levels of their own.

This is what I mean by “circulating energy”.

I’m excited teaching, they are excited learning, this turns me on and opens me up more, which turns and opens them up more, and on and on…

This can be quite a chain reaction when releasing tension, as one person learns to become vulnerable and lets go of a chronic holding pattern, it shows another person that it is possible, and they let go, and then more and more…

In these environments, there is quantum leaping in our learning and our own healing.

During past workshops there is a feeling that everyone is held firmly within a Web of Support that is woven with great care through the Newcastle Forrest Yoga Community. And in those moments when people open, share, and drop their shields, you can feel that web glowing and getting stronger!

This is what excites me about teaching in Newcastle!

These are our subjects.

Day 1 we will be exploring the Functional Lines, which are big myo-fascial structures on the front and back of the body that play major roles in rotations and twists. 

Day 2 we will be combining Yoga Hands-on Assisting & Myo-Fascial Bodywork Techniques. Here we will explore how to release the Low Back & Hips in Reclined Twists.

Day 3 we will be opening up The Arm Lines, four distinct myo-fascial meridians that connect the arms to the trunk and shoulder girdle. The Arm Lines include the Rotator Cuff, Pec. minor, and more superficial Trapezius, as well as the entire arms, elbows, hands, and wrists.

And as always, each day begins with 2.5 hour Calling of Directions & Forrest Yoga Intensive sequenced to support and further the afternoon’s Hands-on work.

 for one day, weekend workshops or all 3 days. 

You can also check out Brian's recent Bodywork tips video below

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