Challenge of the Month - Dolphin Strut

Challenge of the Month - Dolphin Strut

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By Doctor Celia Swan

Dolphin Strut - Much more than just a sea mammal out on the town…  

It’s a beautiful pose for learning the essence of relaxing your neck and connecting your upper and lower body.

This pose is really important to me. In 2013 I had major neck surgery which left me unable to even hold a purse with my left arm for several months- and without a downward dog for quite a long time. Through a lot of tears and pain I learnt to rebuild strength on my left even though my mind and body would have been happy letting my right side dominate for ever more.

An important part of yoga is to build strength evenly and accept and strengthen your weaknesses. This posture is about nourishing both sides evenly. 

If you rely on one side only, you will become uneven and will end up favouring your stronger side. If you focus on spreading your weight evenly when one arm is off the floor you can nourish both sides effectively. It’s a hard thing to do but this is how you build your personality!

ENJOY and cherish relaxing your neck.

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