Concious Contributions

Concious Contributions

Posted on: by Jambo Truong


December is a time when most of us get caught under the umbrella of contaminated giving. We offer our time, money and endless gift giving to fit in, please others, follow tradition.... But we all know how much of that giving can be meaningless. 

One year I was blessed with a bug that kept me in bed early December. I decided to use the time 'wisely' by turning on my laptop and going through the Amazon list for my family & friends. As I ticked off each name and totalled up the figures I realised I was pressing towards £600 for 'scheduled & expected' gifts. 

I quickly flipped to a different site and decided to spend £300 on ActionAid gifts. ActionAid is a charity that offers gift buying that enable sustainable living, like chickens and sheep to families in different countries. I then sent messages and cards (also from organisations of a similar ethos) to my Christmas list letting them know what I got for them, for Christmas. 

Needless to say some were unimpressed and some were grateful. What was I? £300 richer, consciously focused and well on my way to recovery from my dose of man-flu and money blue-print fatigue!  

December's early dark nights and heavy moods are also very easy to fall prey for the words of gossip.... Not only gossip about others (usually done to keep up with the beloved Jones') but gossip about the cold, the weather.... Nature as she naturally unfolds is into the next of her beloved seasons...

Instead of complaining, decide how this moment is going to be for you. What fuel will you feed into your cell tissue to dream your reality into being? 

The challenge of the month?


Savasana is a great way to reconfigure the energy we have just built up in the practise inside of our cell tissue. It can be like hitting the 'save' button so that we can recall where we last left off.

Many people say that they just can't relax in savasana so they don't even try, but the intent is to consciously care about yourself enough to give yourself a few mins of intelligent contribution. 

Even if you can't 'switch off' resting there with your thoughts is a good way to understand yourself.

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