Control vs Change

Control vs Change

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Be friends with your ethics!

By Jambo


There are these ideas that compare whether we are born with a particular fate or whether or not we have control over our destiny that continue to fuel daily philosophical and anxiety-remedy conversations.


I am writing this blog because of the recent shaking of mails, text messages and social media updates I see about Mercury Retrograde. I am no astrologer but what I know is that although whatever happens in the skies makes the planet of communication appear to moving backwards, astronomers and astrologers suggest that it's just because the planet, for reasons only known to them, is actually moving at a slower pace.


Back down on Earth, what I understand of this is that many humans will succumb to the mercy of Mercury 'going-backwards' and will blame their anxieties, ungrounded mis-communications and poor judgments about money management.


For sure, all forecasts will suggest that whilst Lord Mercury is dancing in the heavens, no deals should be made, this is not a good time for investments and expect chaos amongst our usual living patterns....


So what does this do? It sets off our vulnerabilities, there is a greater force above us that is conducting 3-4 weeks of hell and we bow down to our own fears and shadows and let them run amok. We allow ourselves to indulge in psychopathological behavior.


I use Mercury Retrograde as an example because it is the latest blaming of what has been going on. As a yogi I honor and respect all philosophies, traditions and personal experiences. As a teacher I feel compelled to call out to all people who are competing with time, communication and money to take this on board....


The truth is time, communication (structures, like social media etc) and money are things that we as individuals can not control. We are constantly against the grain of these human-made components that we call our modern day fate and we allow the daily grind to tamper with our self-esteem which then, moment by moment, warps our destiny.


What we CAN change is our relationship to them.


If time, communication and money were your friends how would you treat them?


We never go up to our best friends and demand that they alter their behaviors for us (if you do, then you really shouldn't be friends and refine your ethics around relationships in general). What we do work out is how can we change our gestures, attitudes and create an improved relationship with your besties.


Replace time, communication and money with whatever is bigger than you and floating in the sky that you are running away from.


Develop a better relationship with that floating monster and you have a recipe for working with yourself when you feel like fate is eating away at your power to control your destiny.....

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