Esther Lim on teaching in Newcastle

Esther Lim on teaching in Newcastle

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Esther Lim returns to Newcastle 10th-11th October 2014 where she will host a Friday workshop for beginner shamans and a sat workshop for those who have worked with Esther before.

Read on for what to expect from Esther herself...

It has been an honor to teach in Newcastle with the Tribe Jamboyoga. And indeed, it has provided a rich exchange of students, Ceremonies and Rituals, both in the UK and Italy. As we approach our third year of workshops, I am initiating the junior shamans to move into their destiny and step into the inner medicine wheel and work their medicine as Earth Keepers and Senior Shamans.

I have facilitated Friday for new tribe members and students who need refreshing and understand better the work of the medicine wheel, especially those who were not present at the South Wind. This will include initiating Rites of Passage.

I look forward to continuing on Saturday on the inner path of Divinity and magic, riding with the archetypes of the Unicorn and the Dragon. The tribe will discover their true animal guide and their animal totem on this path, this will allow the tribe to apply their Vision Quest. 

Please note that this will be my last workshop in Newcastle for a while. We want to concentrate on our Retreat in Italy next year, and invite the UK tribe to join the Italian tribe in May 2015 in Italy.

Please bring:

• Kuyus or Stones you wish to use in your
medicine bundle (3 for Friday and 12 for
Saturday and Sunday)
• Musical objects : drum, rattles, bells
singing bowls etc
• Smudging Feather if possible
• Offers of natural Beauty for Mother earth
• A Stick to put into the Fire (Saturday)
• A cloak to cover over during the Fire
Ritual for invisibility (Saturday)
• A pendulum if you have one
• A journal or notepad
• Comfortable clothes you can move in
• A blanket for journeying
• Boji Stones and Chumpi Stones if you
have them
• A mesa cloth (a natural weaved cloth
which is special to you)


for Friday's workshop 

for the weekend workshops

For more detailed information on the workshops click here

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