February Intent....

February Intent....

Posted on: by Jambo Truong

Did you know that the heart was formed before the brain? Our current age of technology has created a corridor for us all to stand in before we respond. We have an opportunity to 'think' before we expose, share and express ourselves. Social media, on-line dating and when texting or whatsapping has replaced face to face meeting as well as telephone conversations, we are at risk of being too busy to hear what's going on within our hearts.

I don't know about you, but I always get the feeling that when I love someone unconditionally I will make time for them, be present as they share and wholeheartedly will for them to share, embark and succeed in their desires. I want to say that even when things sound crazy I want to support them but I know I will trigger the pessimists and those who call themselves realists. But what I mean is when someone truly has a quiet enough mind they really can hear their heart. 

What we have to do is cultivate a lifestyle whereby we are actually listening to our hearts. That means spending enough quiet moments to develop the ability to discern which internal voice is speaking with us.

Our hearts are these reliable organs that not only keep us alive by pumping vitality filled blood through our cell tissue, they carry chemicals that can determine how we feel. Most importantly the heart is the home of joy, bliss & happiness. Yet we often ignore it. Not only do we ignore it but when we try we often 'struggle' to actually hear it...

To love yourself enough is to be willing to give yourself the dark treatment as you would want to share with your soul mate, best friend, child. Are you willing to do that this month?

Start breathing into your heart right now. Breathe in a way where you can feel and see your heart swell with vital intelligence. Now keep on breathing so deeply that you can feel your breathe reach the walls of your heart. Keep doing this! 5 breaths on each round, do several rounds a day. Eventually (be patient!) you will be led by Heart-Wisdom, an inner guide that shows you the footsteps towards delight and enables you to walk in beauty. 


The pose of the month is CHEST OPENER ON THE WALL!

This is a great pose to open up the chest, shoulders and relieve tightness and pain in the upper back. A great pose for chest openers and back bends and excellent for those who train their upper bodies or sit crouched over a computer all day. As you practise chest opener on the wall this month spend some time focusing on how much deeper you can get your breath to reach to this dependable, trustworthy and often ignored organ.

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