Fly Above Fear by Jambo

Fly Above Fear by Jambo

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This month we are show casing Stephi and her incredible skills as a lover of movement! #flyabovefear this month will be a stepping stone from #healingisrevealing 

Last month we accepted elements of who we are and expressed them in many different ways. One of the things we did aside from overdoing our emotions during practise was wearing clothing that we normally are too fearful to wear.
We wore them during practise and teaching to exorcise the demons that were starving us of our rich life force. 

This month takes it a step further... This is why...

We all need coping mechanisms, but on the path of healing and self-discovery we often hide behind these mechanisms in order to appear as though we are doing the release work that comes with bubbling emotions. Most would have heard me talk about 'false lions' that are noises but no shifts are actually happening. Dare I say that I will be focusing on training the team to watch out for the key signs that tell us when someone is making the outside appear how they want everyone to think the inside is going. How will they be learning how to spot this? By going through it themselves! 

Yes, the healing path is one that the tribe can do together! Here is my contribution...

A lifetime of eating disorders has enabled me to craft my use of language to do my work. Far from perfect but a tool that I nonetheless depend on. Eating disorders, like many other addictions have an element of secrecy that comes with them. I have been known to hide behind words, particularly my body. Within that shame is also the embarrassment of celebrating my successes, I don't want to annoy people by doing well, or sharing information and potentially come across as a know it all. This dumbing down of my own joys starves my spirit. This month I have created a personal Instagram account @JamboDragon where I will shamelessly celebrate my life. That is how I will #flyabovefear

What is also interesting is Stephi works with Raven Medicine...

Join us as we breathe in a new way!

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