Get intelligent with our practise

Get intelligent with our practise

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By Jambo Truong 

This months theme encourages us all to use our practise in a way that develops more physical and emotional intelligence within our bodies. 

One of the easiest ways to snap out of a busy mind is to connect to the pleasure of getting physical. We all know how a good move around stimulates the physical body and calms the emotional one. One of the things I still do when I need to get louder and bigger than the destructive voices in my head is to do sun salutations, usually by my 6th round I have started to calm down.

There is a direct link between snapping out of ones own mind, learning and pleasure. Pleasure is a driving forces that enables us to be enthusiastic about life, activates easier development/growth and is a great healer! In fact, there are plenty of hormones that release when we connect to working in a pleasurable way that we start to pump out our own good-chemicals that create a neurological-protective therapy against neuro-degenerative diseases (Parkinson's, seizures etc), anti-carcinogenic (reduction in tumour cells) and encourages repair in damaged tissue. 

It is one of the hidden secrets of the benefits of a yoga practise that focuses on the integrity of enjoying oneself. 

The pose of the month is #pigeon and there will be one in each class. Our invitation is to work in a way when #pigeon variations become enjoyable and a delight to do. As breathing is a voluntary and non-voluntary response to life, give permission for your yoga practise to become a voluntary and non-voluntary response to healing! 

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