Gratitude and Tedx Newcastle

Gratitude and Tedx Newcastle

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Gratitude and Tedx Newcastle


By Jambo


For those of you who don’t know, I was invited to speak on the recent Ted-x Newcastle platform organized by Newcastle University and Thinking Digital.


In the week following the talk, it’s been really important to capture my journey focusing in on;


How to bottle this feeling of massive excitement to last as long as possible and move in further ripples in my work!?




How on earth to thank all the people in my life for their support? 


In writing this blog post and sharing some of my journey I feel like I will go a way to address these things… 


In the lead up to TED I had no idea what I was letting myself in for really.   I knew I had to prepare so I took various approaches in the prep including the following;


  • I watched fewer talks (which was usually a daily break) because I wanted to eliminate any possibilities of comparing myself and risk not feeling good enough for the opportunity.
  • I worked on processing my anxiety of not being good enough and tracked it.


In my processes, I was transported back to a memory… When I was 4 years old my paternal grandfather accompanied me onto a pirate ship fair-ground ride. I remember clearly glowing from the inside out because I was almost blinded by my excitement. Imagine as you may have seen before - two huge rows of excited children and adults facing each other  - the HUGE ornate ship rocking back like a giant swing – a tonne of fun!?


When the ride started to get higher and higher, I started to panic and my panic made me cry. I cried for what felt like forever before the ride stopped and I could see my grandfather, who was at a slight distance on the ground was laughing. I could see tens of faces staring right at me.


Eventually… when the ride stopped.  I knew this was my cue to get off and I felt ashamed. As we walked away from the Pirate Ship I can still hear granddad’s voice telling me “If you cry, they will laugh at you...”


My anxieties around performing on stage on a TED platform had re-awakened this distant memory. That night before I went to sleep, I met my 4-year old self and we had this very important conversation....


I held his hand tight and told him;


“People were not laughing at us Jambo, grandad was trying to toughen us up, he wanted his grandson to be like him so he made something up to make sure we didn’t cry...


But life is different now, if we want to cry, we just cry and no one laughs at us.  If we fail, we grow from it”


I told him of all the wealth of friends we have now and all the students that we work with every day and his eyes lit right up just like they did in first facing the Pirate Ship. I told him as an adult we get to experience love, sometimes that love grows and comes from a complete stranger. Our family accept us for us, we get on and granddad adores us for just being who we are!


Then I fell asleep....


FAST FORWARD to the day of Ted-X


…As I was waiting to be introduced to come onto the stage, I could feel my 4-year old self with me. Then suddenly from right behind me, I could feel my family, then my friends, my students, (especially the ones who try to help but I won't let them)!


I felt my peers, coaches, mentors...


I felt ALL of the support and belief for my dreams to build a business from every partner I have ever had.


It was as though every drop of loving gesture that was ever directed towards me that I might have missed was with me and in this moment I could absorb it all and let it soak right in.


Then… I stepped up and spoke. There was no anxiety, no fear of failing, no pirate ships. There was just one thing -  the burning desire I get everyone to just breathe...


The talk will be up online for you to watch soon, I’ll share it with you.



I hope that by sharing this story and some of my processing I have expressed my deepest gratitude to all of the support that I have ever had from you all.


I also hope that this story helps you track your own anxieties that get in the way of you having a nice time as you prepare for the final piece of work (for the day) and it sends you on a journey to invest in being able to have a friendly chat with the part of yourself that really needs a friend right now.  #flyabovefear


With love and deepest gratitude




PS - to watch the talk click here;

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