Hazel and the BIG WEB

Hazel and the BIG WEB

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Hazel’s plans for The BIG WEB 2014

27-29 June 2014, Peterborough, UK

As you all know – or you should do! - the system of Yoga we use at Jambo Yoga is Forrest Yoga. 

US pioneer, Ana Forrest, developed it, and at its heart is the belief that we can overcome our difficulties and daily stressors through the power of breath, and an awareness of the movement of energy through the body.

In the UK, we’ll get a rare chance to meet Ana, and absorb her teachings first-hand, as she leads the amazing Big Web conference in Peterborough at the end of June.

As you’ve probably heard here at Jambo Yoga we’re planning a FUNDRAISER – ‘Sparkle like the Sun’ which will take place next Saturday 14th June and help to fund bursary places for our team including Hazel Wilding (an assistant at Jambo Yoga).  Hazel has longed to go to The Big Web since she started practicing and this year we are determined for finances not to be a barrier for her!


With ‘Sparkle like the Sun’ taking place next weekend we thought we’d pause for a moment in all the June #flyabovefear excitement to interview Hazel, to find out why she’s attending this workshop, her hopes for it, and why she thinks you should come too.


An Interview with Big Web newbie, Hazel Wilding…


Jambo Yoga: Hi Hazel, I know you hate the spotlight so we’ll make this quick and painless for you!

Hazel: Thanks!

Jambo Yoga: Some easy questions to ease you in!  How long have you been practicing yoga for?

Hazel: I’ve been doing Forrest Yoga for 4 years now.

Jambo Great!...and what are your other interests outside of yoga?

Hazel: ….hmm, I love music films, art, and fashion…particularly vintage fashion stuff!

Jambo Yoga: Oh interesting! So you like to time-travel when you dress haha!

Hazel: haha…yes!

Jambo Yoga: ….and could you quickly tell us your favourite line from a movie…any movie?

Hazel: Oh…hmmm…my favourite film is ‘Withnail and I’….and I love this quote… “I don’t advise a haircut, men.  All hairdressers are in the employment of the Government.  Hairs are your aerials.  They pick up signals from the cosmos, and transmit them directly into the brain.  This is why bald-headed men are so uptight!”

Jambo Yoga: Wow…I don’t know what to say after that! Haha!

Hazel: …probably best to move swiftly on haha!

Jambo Yoga: right right…OK so one more easy question before we get to the real stuff!  What is your favourite song?

Hazel: Easy!  ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by the ‘Rolling Stones’

Jambo Yoga: Who are they…any good?  I’m joking, I’m joking! Right so I’d like to know what it was about the Big Web that got you excited…why did you want to do it?

Hazel: All my friends who went last year having stopped talking about it really!  It sounded amazing!  And people talked about it helping their personal development a lot…and I want in!! haha!

Jambo Yoga: Yes it’s been great tuning in to all those stories from last time and how much everyone enjoyed it!  So I want to ask, what would make this the best ever workshop you’ve ever attended…for you personally?

Hazel: errr…amazing teachers… World Class yoga all weekend long would be amazing, the wonderful fire ceremony and anything after that would be a bonus!

Jambo Yoga: Cool.  And of course you’re attending with all your friends and the whole Jambo Yoga crew…what does that mean to you?

Hazel: that’s very important…the whole feeling of togetherness…it’s probably the main reason I want to go actually.  My friends are everything to me and I wanna experience this with them.

Jambo Yoga: Nice Hazel!  And finally…what’s next after the conference…I mean how do you envisage using what you’ve learned at the conference or what skills do you think  you’ll develop over the weekend?

Hazel: skills, wow!  If I gain any, I want to share…help others.  That’s what makes me happy!  Keeps my little heart drumming haha!

Jambo Yoga: Perfect.  I think that’s a nice way to end our little chat!  Thanks so much for your time Ms. Hazel!

Hazel: Thank you!!


So there you have it, Ms. Hazel Wilding’s hopes for the Big Web weekend and don’t forget it’s not too late to reserve your spot on this amazing life-changing experience.  Check out the website for details!


See you next time, an in the mean-time keep breathing!!


To book a place on The Big Web;


To book to attend the ‘Sparkle like the Sun’ Jambo Yoga FUNDRAISER next Saturday 14th June click here;

...inspired by Hazel, her sparkly ways and love of cake (Shhhh)

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