How much of this can you do?

How much of this can you do?

Posted on: by Jambo Truong

How much of this can you do?

For my 34th birthday I performed a ceremony for myself. As I called in the ceremonial fire I was working on what old behaviours & beliefs I needed to work on in order to receive love. This is beyond my personal life, this is in the form of compliments as well! 

Towards the end of the ceremony I noticed a heart shaped Quartz that was scratched to high heaven on the mantle piece. I held it to my heart and intended that whatever old stories, relationships and toxic self-imposing beliefs I had embedded in there would leave me. I then threw the stone intl the fire. The fire glowed and than there was an on-going explosion of millions of tiny, soft Quartz shards flying around everywhere.

It has definitely helped with being open to receive compliments, healing & love. 

So this has moved me into the next layer of my personal growth, to accept my body for how it looks & what it can do. As I felt the shift towards this intent within the last week I noticed that it was really hard to recognise how enough I am! Whenever I work on it my throat seizes up, my breathing becomes laboured and I leave my feet and go straight up into my head! 

So in that moment I can take a deeper breath and ask myself 'how much of my body can I accept right now?'. The permission to take bite sized chunks enables me to get back into my feet AND I end up feeling quite surprised at how much I can accept....

The pose of the month is splits. Start with working half splits if it freaks you out! 

This month we will explore splits in as many different variations as there are possible but some personal tips from each member of the team to create a pool of splits advice that will have you enjoying your splits practise and working on your own bite sized chunks!

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