Posted on: by Jambo Truong

In my opinion... Yes it is! It's not a classical pose but yoga must evolve or die. I've seen a stream of interesting poses that do look mighty beautiful, when I tracked the people who were spreading this (A League of Extraordinary Yogis) I believe that most of them are real practitioners of yoga evolving in their practise.

To my mind, it IS yoga if it's a pose that unites the body and mind as well as teaches another to meet that unity. 

What I find interesting is that classical yoga poses are made up anyway, so just because we haven't seen a pose before it doesn't mean the pose doesn't exist. 

Social media is the new green leaf that poses can be discovered upon and has opened up yoga practise to a wealth of new eyes keen to be curious. 

I ask this.... To the person who is willing to attempt this.....Does it offer you physical healing? Is there an emotional break through? Is there transformation? 

If a pose ticks 'yes' to those 3 for me.... that’s my yoga! 

Image by Yogi Times 

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