Jambo Yoga & Therapies Workshop Day

Jambo Yoga & Therapies Workshop Day

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Jambo Yoga & Therapies Workshop Day


Saturday 12th July, Pilates North East, Chester-le-Street


Led by Chris Jackson


Back bending and inversions - for vitality and boundless energy!


Firstly, because those summer nights are at their longest and most beautiful we decided to give you all an extra hour in bed, the day will now be starting at 11am, with yoga till 1pm and therapies from 2-5... Read on to see what we've got in store...


So much of our life is dominated by forward folding patterns of movement, Even with the best intentions we collapse over desks, steering wheels...even our down time involves forward flexion!  


Backbends (or perhaps I should say, front openers!) are associated with the sunrise, with waking up and moving joyfully into the world, with expansion, growth, and embracing life! They work to open often rigid areas surrounding the heart and lungs to free us up to access more breath to nourish and energise our bodies.


This workshop is structured to gradually open you up to all that energy you are keeping locked up as tension in your spine and chest. Expect a strong sequence with plenty of playful poses and just because we know you all love it a bit of upside down time!


This time on top of the treatments we have offered previously we are showcasing the fabulous Megan, who will be assisting us for the first part of the day and also offering restorative and relaxing reiki sessions in the afternoon..


Your afternoon therapies menu is:

45min therapeutic massage - £28

1 hour indulgent Swedish massage - £35

45min reiki - £28

45min shaman illuminations - £28

45min wellness and nutritional coaching - £28

45min- 1-2-1 yoga/self practice development. - £28


To book or for any enquiries please contact Chris at or 07863970856

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