Let it go...

Let it go...

Posted on: by Jambo Truong

I've decided to start the year by giving things up. Giving things up is never easy, especially when those things are attitudes. 

One day I opened the door to be greeted by a crowd of smiling faces. Each person's eyes held a true desire to make sure I was happy... Before I knew it I could hear the cadence of my own voice vibrating at the pitch 'moan'....

I noticed that I have this learned way of communicating when I am also speaking with service staff in restaurants and hotels. When questioned as to why my entire demeanour changed when interacting with these individuals not only did I not know why I went all poker face but I hated the fact that I singled out a group of the human race.

On reflection I realised that I had learned this behaviour a very long time ago....that if I spoke in a certain way then I would get my own way. This spoilt brat tendency probably came from private school days where I was only familiar with a sense of entitlement. Now if there is a boring attitude to have its that one!

So how are we going to be melting away old learnt behaviours that no longer serve us? Sun Salutations. Not only do they get the blood going and move energy throughout the body, they also synchronise breath and movement which is the fastest way to get out of our heads. 

Whenever I am haunted by any heavy emotions I do sun salutations, I do them to my favourite playlist and use the sweat to melt away the dense emotions. 

Join us as we slowly #letitgo by melting away old attachments every day of January! By the way... I'll be the one melting away habitual patterns of complaining..


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