Magpie Medicine

Magpie Medicine

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By Sarah Fae 


June for me has been all about bird medicine as we've asked the JY community to #flyabovefear.


I wanted to share with you some precious sugar free spoonfuls I’ve received this month and encourage you to find comfort in the ancient wisdom that surrounds us in the universal animal magic available to us everyday.


So…! I'm driving, stop at a red light and instantly see a dead magpie on the road.


This touches me knowing the myth of magpies belonging in pairs. But what makes the scene much more poignant was the struggle of other birds around it. Three other magpies desperately tried to remove it from the road whilst one large raven stood by. It was so frenzied, so fruitless and oh so sad.  I’ve never seen anything like it.


Time slowed down as I willed them to save the dead carcass. They didn't and the light went green... 


As you may know magpies are well renowned for having one mate for life and its even good fortune to see two together. ‘One for sorrow, one for joy’ So what made this medicine even more relevant was prior to stopping I had been day dreaming about my ex love/ex life.


Reflecting, I had automatically presumed the shock of being faced with a dead magpie represented my ex love/life but it was actually me.


I had died and I hadn't realised it. The other three birds symbolised the wasted energy I had expelled trying desperately to rescue and recover a person that no longer existed.


These three ‘energy zappers’ represented three things;


  • Guilt/shame
  • Mindlessness
  • Perceived loneliness.


This information came to me like a shooting star!


For me, the theme of loss is further magnified by the raven’s presence (they are notoriously known as the gatekeepers of the dead) although this medicine can also signify transformation. An ancient myth/ folklore states ravens were originally white (pure) but were last to escape the fire to the safety of the cave so were turned black.


This spoke to me in two ways;


Firstly - the risks and sacrifices I had taken in order to experience my spiritual rebirth.


Secondly – absolute gratitude as I realised just how close I had come to literally being burned and destroyed in my old life.


Raven medicine taught me in that instant to stop picking over those rotting pieces - let them rest. 


It could sound quite dramatic my realisation, that person, the food she ate, the company she kept, the love she had, the work she did is dead.


I now know I sacrificed her, I said goodbye to that part of myself so I could live authentically and set my soul free.


I’m so excited to share my new life with you all.


Fae #safefootsteps

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