Newcastle Eagles - Shaman Workshop with Esther Lim - 10th & 11th Oct

Newcastle Eagles - Shaman Workshop with Esther Lim - 10th & 11th Oct

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Shaman Healing for Rainforest Fund 

168 Wingrove Road Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 9BX

Friday 10th Oct

10.00am - 16.00pm 

Friday is for new tribe members and students who need refreshing and understand better the work of the medicine wheel, especially those who were not present at the South Wind. This will include initiating Rites of Passage. There will also be limited time to do private healing work on this day, this will be capped at 4 places (first come first served), with proceeds going to the Rainforest Trust.

Cost; £50 per person, (limited spaces) 


Dragon and Unicorn Medicine with Munay Ki Rites

Yoga Station, Whitley Bay

Saturday 11th Oct

9.30am - 17.30pm 

We will kick off with Opening Sacred Space by drumming and chanting. Then we will practice some shaman yoga together and smudging in our Sacred Circle, as we ready ourselves as Medicine People and Healers. We will then renew our Bands of Power in the Medicine Wheel.

I'm very excited to be bringing you some new Shaman magic as this weekend workshop is about using our Access points from the 8th and 9th energy centres for some deep healing; on self, direct or by Proxy work.

As we are flying beyond the East, the land of the Rising sun, we go through the Rites of Quantum Leap and the Rites of Daykeeper and Healers as we explore our Momentum tunnel. Apucino / Eagle, Condor Medicine from the East Wind guides us to go beyond our expectations and embrace the ancient Mythical creatures like the Unicorn from Earth, Winged Dragon from Air, Fire Dragon from Fire and Mermaid/Merman from Water, so we can link them to our magic . 

If possible, bring a clear double terminated Quartz , a candle and some Epsom salts.

Do not worry if you don't have any of these items. But do bring a rattle or / and a drum for rituals and rites. Please do not drink any alcohol the night before.

We are working within the Inner circle of the Medicine Wheel and assistant shamans will be walking this path with their full mesas plus their ancient Shaman stones, the Chumpi Stones. These few Shamans will receive their Starkeeper Rites, as the outer circle holds Sacred Space. If you are not sure if you are in this group, please check with myself or Jambo.


Workshop Requirements: Preferably, you need the full Mesa (all 12/13 processes kuyus/ stones) for this workshop, and students who have done some considerable work with me before (no beginners) we will not be giving out stones. You need to choose them, and they need to be processed (Jambo can help you).

All students will also need to understand how to do illuminations, Fire Ceremonies, sand paintings and Journeying. 


Cost; £80 per person, (limited spaces) 


ALSO - Don't miss out - Special Retreats with Esther Lim Madagascar October 2014 

You are all invited from October 20th to join us at the magical island of Nosey.

Come be in Madagascar, for a week of Special Shaman, Working with Divinity. The rare occasion of receiving all the Rites including the last of the nine Rites will be given on Shell Island, where is a colony of fruit bats on the island. We will be doing some special journeys under the stars on the island!

We can draw straws to stay in the 2 story tree house overlooking the island.

Rates upon request; email Esther; Tuscany May 2015

As the group is growing for this workshop, we are going to limit it to maximum 20 participants, and use the monastery as a base if necessary . This is for all levels of Shaman Work, but it will be intense and you will need to earn your position as a serious Shaman. Please check with for the dates and rates.

Ho, Esther Lim 

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