Nourish with Attention

Nourish with Attention

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By Doctor Celia Swan


August was my first month working a trauma ward as a hospital Doctor in a busy UK City.  

I knew i had to be as alert as a Meerkat, with the endurance of a camel if i had any hope of surviving!

With so much to absorb, and a brand new environment, it was no wonder that i forgot about me, and my needs... 

When I eventually found time to meditate on this, it was obvious that i could not hope to last the distance like this! 

How could i possibly hope to look after anyone else - plants, patients, people I Love…and other P’s besides- without first nourishing myself?

'Nourishing with Attention' is about being aware of what the kindest thing is that you can do for yourself and for others and acting on this. I chose this mantra because so many of us become swept up in hectic lives, hectic jobs, hectic relationships-I certainly have- you end up eating poorly, sleeping poorly, loving poorly. How can you be your best when you subsist like this?

Sometimes we need to just stop and breathe in silence and come back to the basics of human existence - Nourishment.


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