Purge and Resurge!

Purge and Resurge!

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By Jambo Truong

I remember the first time I pushed myself away from a dinner table and flew towards the bathroom to bring my dinner back up back. I was 5 years old, and my grandmother was criticising the way that I was eating and generally behaving like a human being - which is never a good idea by the way.

The feeling was one of satisfaction - I was free…free from the 2 bowls of fluffy white rice I was ususally forced to eat!

This purging behaviour continued for many years. 

The pattern was… receiving love and attention for eating lots of food, followed by the purging I felt was necessary to have at least some control over my body.

Gradually as I got into my teens and noticed the weight reduction I would get when I got sick I learned how to starve myself.

Hiding behind the guises of diets to keep my parents away from my need to hold onto something that I could control. 

As I matured into my profession, I learned about food intolerances, the role of hormones, and the importance of movement, and outwardly, it appeared as though I was healthy.

This time the controlling pattern was not food, but yoga, sex and work…I found myself in this weird cycle of lacking energy but needing more energy in order to do the things that made me feel sane, in control and worthy. 

Then the inner voice started to get louder. As I continued my practise and became a little more adept at familiarising myself with the voice of my intuition, it became harder to ignore the responses my body was giving me. Finally responses! I was getting sick of years of body reactions! For once I felt as though I was closer to understanding where I had been going wrong...

Nourishing yourself always begins with a starting point of learning bad information. This can be about food or exercise. 

After learning the basics it is important to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into your body. 

Not only have I managed to go beyond surviving and start to LIVE. I am now leaner, with more vitality and happier with my body than I have ever been before. 

Nourishing yourself with attention is being willing to throw out the old system and truly listening to what our body wants from you right now! 


Jambo’s Tangible Take-a-Way: 

This month do your poses in a way that nourishes you- not your pals, your instructor (we won't be impressed) or for your Instagram followers! Do them in a way that attentively offers you the nourishment that you have been craving for. 

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