What is the Functional Anatomy?

What is the Functional Anatomy?

Posted on: by Jambo Truong

Functional anatomy and functional medicine are Jambo's ways of explaining how he understands the human body to work. These workshops and course information have been extracted from years of research and continuing professional development to deepen his understanding of bodywork, yoga, lifestyle & nutrition. 

The method of understanding is more than the attachment of a muscle or where a hormone is expressed, it is about how these areas are stimulated and what effect they have on our overall well-being. Jambo hopes to demystify complex poses (or poses that are relatively complex to the practitioner) as well as give clear explanation to the sense of functional movement.

Jambo has danced with his own addictions, eating disorders and chronic pain as well has involved himself with thousands of clinical hours working with patients and students in clinics he has set up around the world.

What is the Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers? 

This course enables yoga teachers to learn about the key structural muscles, how they are relevant to holding the skeleton in a way that enables deeper breathing. These muscles are known to support structure in a way that optimises mobility and strength development. When these muscles are in place and working efficiently, not only do they support the poses and get students out of pain, the correct functioning of them encourages homeostasis, which is a state of balance we are always working towards. Within this natural biological state, the person, their incredible nervous and immune system does the rest of the work.

Delegates will learn how to locate, test, palpate and correct these muscles. Followed by the application of how they are worked in poses and the relevance of re-visiting them within intelligent sequencing. 

Learn how to use therapeutic hands on assists to change the movement of trapped shoulders:

Learn how long savasana hands on assists can change the placement of students with tight necks, jaws and shallow breathing!

Jambo's embodied learning experience enables practitioners to feel that the information shared is exciting and memorable. 


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