What's with ALL the noise?

What's with ALL the noise?

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What's with ALL the noise?


By Jambo


Do you ever wondered what all that noise that goes on in a class is all about? Lion roars, louder than your average exhales…  ‘odd’ sound coming out of someone? 


How does it make you feel? 


I want to demystify what’s going on with all the noise and why it’s so important in Forrest Yoga practice and for your ongoing development…


First let's start with the basic idea that when we engage in any meditative or self reflective practise one of the first things that happen is we begin to start feeling things. Memories, triggers, tensions… SO much can come up and take up by surprise at times, the list is endless…  


But where does it come from…?


Because we are human beings with a concoction of cell based memories that make up how we experience the world. Our individual histories, fears and emotions are so varied and so very unique!


When these sensations come up in everyday life, we are often very adept at burying them. It’s common for us to survive them, ignore them or brush them under the carpet or even change our behavior to cope.


In yoga, you are IN THE ROOM, completely in your body.   


Of course you can escape, run away, visit the bathroom for the third time but I hope you feel you are in a safe space for you experience what dig deeper and work out how to process the stuff that comes up for you.


More abs, seriously?


During abs and the more intense poses at class, I encourage students to make LION roars, sometimes hisses or another sound that works well. The purpose of this is to MOVE ENERGY and it’s what we’ve found to be THE most effective way.


When these type of sounds are made, the brain actually releases empkephalin through the spinal chord and it this that acts like one of the bodies natural painkillers. Clever huh?


The expression of sound also helps to guide the experience out of the body in part or completely.  Helping to heal, helping people to move out of emotional pain and into freedom.


So when you are in class and hear that no that someone is moving their stuff and healing, be in the room and in your practice, connected into your body and in turn helping everyone to release, together.  #yogaunion


What happens when those noises stir feelings up for you?


Instead of pointing the finger, a deeper practice for you would be to REFLECT and ask yourself 'why is that behavior/ noise making me feel like this?' and work with and into that…


Some students have said that they feel as though they lose their concentration and their flow when other make LOUD noise.


This is not the fault of the person who is processing their emotions, this is actually a good indication that you get annoyed with yourself for lacking concentration!


So…work with that, at the same time thanking the person who helped you bring up the trigger because their journey and the allowing of themselves to heal publicly enables you to shine a light into one of your own shadows.


Jambo Yoga is heavily based on community contribution in order for us to grow, develop and heal together. One person is not more worthy of their place than another so be ok with that!


Without each other's support the emotional stability to carry on with the things that we carry within our own lives can feel heavier.


I created this community because I wanted everyone to recognise that it doesn't matter what your issue is, how deep seated it is, until we move that stuck, useless, malevolent energy we can not make enough room for out spirits to reside within us.


So whether you are a noise-maker or someone who is disturbed by that, I encourage you to actually make enough noise so that you can HEAL your wounds. It's pointless holding onto more space in your body and depleting your own energy.


If our greatest fears are BORN out personal power then risk flying above your fears and roar out anything that gets in your way of living a life that is SPARKLING, worthy and whole-heartedly embracing.




Jambo Truong


PS – always open to your feedback

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