Why HOT Forrest Yoga?

Why HOT Forrest Yoga?

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Some like it hot
... And some still need a little persuading...

Here's why you need our Hot Forrest Yoga classes this winter;

First, some ground keeping....Hot Forrest Yoga is not Bikram Yoga, nor is it even anything like it! (Bikram yoga being the exclusive practice of 26 postures in a room heated to 40*C with 40% humidity.)

In a Forrest Yoga class the room is heated to a minimum of 26* though we often reach 36* by the time we've worked through sun salutations...once it reaches 40* we open the windows! Each class is individually structured and developed around a specific theme and intent to explore a multitude of different areas and applications of yoga, breath and awareness.

On to the good stuff:

1. Hot Yoga Strengthens and Cleanses the body.

People often attribute the detoxing effect of hot yoga to the amount you sweat... In fact the primary purpose of sweat is to cool the body and only accounts for about 1% of all toxin excretion, mostly releasing water, sodium, potassium and giving the pores a gentle clean.

As your body warms up the cardiovascular system dilates, increasing blood flow to the skin surface and extremities in order to dissipate heat. This means your heart works harder to boost circulation which gives the same benefits as continuous cardiovascular exercise! Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops leading to improved cardiovascular health.

Combine the increased blood flow with twisting, bending, and inverting that acts as a pump for your lymphatic system (kinda like your bodies sewage system) and you've really got your body moving and your toxins mobilised into the bloodstream  ready for the next phase of detoxing: processing waste through the liver and kidneys.

Infact, the detox effect comes after your practice and proper rehydration is essential!

You'll lose electrolytes in your sweat as well as water so make sure you get some salts back in; try adding a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan rock salt to your water bottle or crack open a coconut.

Always remember your Yoga practice is about paying attention to ever deeper levels of sensation and self knowledge. Be mindful...notice how much you are sweating and make rehydration part of your practice! If you are feeling thirsty during class or sweating less than usual it is likely an indicator that you aren't hydrating enough throughout your day. Like anything your body gets better and more efficient at sweating however, symptoms of dehydration such as dizziness or light headedness should always be heeded.

2. Hot Yoga improves the bodies condition, rehabilitates injury and reduces pain!

Heat doesn't actually improve the muscles flexibility. However... As the heart works harder more blood flow means better lubricated joints and increased tissue elasticity as well as reduced resting muscle tension. Furthermore dilation of the cardiovascular system serves to flush out areas of stagnant tissue (almost like an internal pressure wash) and relax those troublesome knots! Even after the longest of chair bound days hot Forrest Yoga can safely and comfortable ease your body into practice (of course, Forrest yoga still gives you a solid methodical warm up, that works both muscularly and neurologically!)

Increased blood flow also means more oxygen and other valuable nutrients reaching injured or painful areas and more toxins being moved out. This creates the environment for a speedier healing process, less pain, and less subsidiary effects (heat has proven benefits for arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms). Heat itself has a sedating and soothing effect on irritated nerve endings reducing pain and hypersensitivity.

To conclude, Hot Forrest Yoga will cleanse and strengthen your body, it will detox you and fire up your metabolism... It will help free you from restriction and tension and maybe even rid you of your pains...  All sounds pretty good to me!

However.... yoga is an experiential science... The only true way to learn is to fire your breath up and dive right In!

Come try hot yoga this winter and discover all these benefits and more for yourself.

Chris Jackson

Lead Teacher - Jambo Yoga

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