Yoga Workshops with Jambo & Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage with Cosmo

Yoga Workshops with Jambo & Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage with Cosmo

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Dates; Sat 2 and Sun 3rd August

11.15am – 5.45pm (approx.)


Led by; Cosmo and Jambo


Venue; The Yoga Station, Whitley Bay.


Who should attend; This exciting course has been designed especially for yoga teachers, body workers, therapists and those who have an interest in Thai Yoga Massage. Morning sessions are suitable for ALL Jambo Yoga students and can be bought for £35 each.


Content; Each day will cover the functional anatomy of Thai Massage Level 1 practitioners course.  You will leave with a CPD certificate that is recognized by The Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Each morning we will take an asana section to fully immerse the practitioner into feeling their own anatomy.



Day 1: Stand Your Ground And Stay Steady As A Healer

As healers and practitioners it is important for us to be fully able to step out of the way and hold sufficient space for our clients to work through their issues. Today's sessions enables practitioners to hold sufficient space for themselves. Expect a lot of organic unwinding to take place on your body and mind.


11.15am-1.15pm - YOGA workshop - Standing Pose Series & Hip Opening.

This asana session will demonstrate why we need to spend so much time on the legs to work on the hips, lower back and shoulders.



- Why the piriformis is the gateway to the sacrum.

- How to work with Sacral-Iliac issues

- The mystery of the calves and their relationship to the hips and lower back



- Myofascial meridians that run through the legs

- Meridians of Traditional East-Asian medicine of the legs, diagnostics and treatment

- Trouble-Shooting Clinic (bring your cases to the table)!


Day 2: Back Bending Vs Front Opening

Often in back bending sequences practitioners connect to the area in a literal way, this day of workshops introduces what the functionality of the back muscles are and how we can manipulate them in our practises in order to open them further and deepen the lengthening feelings in our backs as we continue to enjoy the arching- not the squeezing!


11.15am-1.15pm - YOGA Workshop -  Liberating Front Opening

This asana session will leave you feeling open, energised and in a place where you can track where your inner vitality is stored. This is a fun and exhorting practice!



- The Diaphragm: Unlocking Your Personal Power

- Telescoping The Ribs: The Key to a Deeper Breath!

- The Upper Chest: Pride & Victory: Your Body Language Shapes Your Mind



- Myofacial meridians that run through the abdomen and how the affect the hips & ribs

- Arm meridians of Traditional East Asian Medicine

- Advanced techniques for shoulder opening


Cost; £140 or £35 for each yoga workshop. 


More information from your teacher; Day 1 is focused on legs and hips, day 2 is focused on arms and torso.  I love teaching this way because it’s key to me to assure that students understand anatomy by enabling them to experience their own.


The 2nd part of the day will focus on additional hands on techniques that can be applied to your Thai Yoga Massage routine that will offer a deeper understanding of what the key muscles do to the rest of the body.


The 3rd part of the day will help practitioners define and evaluate their ethics as practitioners. This section is open to trouble shooting conditions that may be amongst the group or I would also be open to you bringing conditions as scenarios that you are working with within your own practise that you like additional coaching with.



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